Monkwearmouth 1960s

▼ 1961
Fred Purnell (Head of Physics), Ben Tinker (Woodwork), Vic Reed and Eddie Cooper at Monkwearmouth Grammar School (Swan Street)
Pam Percy (Right)
Fred Purnell (Head of Physics)
▼ 1962
▼ 1963
▼ 1964
▼ 1965
▼ 1966
▼ 1967
▼ 1968
▼ 1969
  • Daphne Carthy

    Those boaters went to Cobenhaven et al on Devonia with the girl who went AWOL boater in Cobenhaven n Stephen Grainger went as white as a sheet when he fell down the metal stairs his dad died fairly soon afterwards and he had to leave school to earn money that was how it was then green eyes follower not a leader but I remember him.

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