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Below are some User Guides to help you access the lesson resources as you work from home. You can find links to Email, Office and ClassCharts etc on our E-Learning Portal.

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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

My child doesn’t know their username and password for Office 365

Their username and password are the same as what they log into the computer with at school but with “”. For example, if John Smith joined the school in 2018 their username will be Their password is usually a mixture of letters and numbers (but first letter is a capital). If this still does not work complete the support form below for it to be reset.

My child doesn’t know their username and password for Classcharts

All students were given their unique class charts code to access the app/site in their learning packs before the school closed. This should be stuck on their timetable sheet. If you still need access you can request the code using the support form below.

My child is unsure on what they should be completing at home each day

Teachers are uploading instructions via Classcharts (in the homework section) explaining to students what they should be doing for each lesson. If you are still unsure, students can login to Office 365 and use outlook to email your teacher (see user guide above if unsure)

I have clicked on the files on classcharts / Microsoft Teams but they do not open

Some of the files will not open in the web browser but will download onto your computer (this is sometimes found in the downloads folder). However, some files are made using office (Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint etc) and you will need Microsoft Office installed on your device. You can install Microsoft Office for free by logging into Office 365 and install the 365 apps. If unsure how to do this, you can use our user guide above.

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