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The CEIAG programme of study is delivered as a set of modules within the timetabled Social Studies lessons. These lessons aim to support students to plan for their future and to empower them make informed decisions. Students are encouraged to research a range of careers in order to keep their options open. They will then be expected to match these jobs with their own academic achievements and broader skills base to ensure that they are suitable for the job and that the job is also suitable for them.

Finally they will be given the opportunity to explore the different Pathways that would enable them to realise their ambitions before making an informed decision about the most suitable route for themselves.

Year 7 – Unit 1 Pathways Career exploration and suitability

Year 8 – Unit 2 Stereotypes in employment

Year 8 – Unit 3 Business Structure and LMI

Year 9 – Finance

Year 9 – Unit 2 Stereotypes in employment (This year only)

Year 9 – Unit 3 Business Structure and LMI

Year 9 – Unit 5 Options and Suitability

Year 10 – Unit 5 Options and Suitablility (This year only)

Year 10 – Unit 6 LMI and salaries

Year 10 – Work Experience

Year 11 – Unit 7 CV Writing

Year 11 – Unit 8 Post 16 Applying for 6th Form College / Apprenticeships

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