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It’s more important than ever during the current pandemic restrictions to look after our children’s mental health and wellbeing, says a leading charity. As part of Children’s Mental Health week, free resources are being made available to help youngsters and their parents.

It is estimated one in six school-aged children now has a diagnosable mental disorder, an increase from one in nine in 2017. Effective support from an early stage not only helps children and young people cope with challenging life circumstances, but can also prevent problems from escalating and becoming more serious in adolescence and adulthood. This year’s event, which has been organised by Place2Be, starts today and runs until Sunday, 7 February with the theme of ‘Express Yourself’.

Place2Be is a children’s mental health charity with more than 25 years’ experience working with pupils, families and staff in schools. It provides mental health support in schools through one-to-one and group counselling sessions and uses tried and tested methods backed by research.

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