Healthy Eating

At Monkwearmouth Academy we promote the importance of establishing healthy eating habits from an early age. Students can enjoy a varied range of meals, snacks and drinks in our onsite canteen. Our dedicated team cook, bake and create food in-house.

Healthy Breakfast

We offer a breakfast club every morning for our students to ensure they do not go without the most important meal of the day. Our breakfast counter offers all students free yoghurt pots, fruit and cereal every day. We are firm believers that a healthy start to the day is crucial.

Healthy Break

We provide a morning break service where students and staff can purchase healthy schools approved breakfast items including hot sandwiches, bagels, toast, fresh fruit or fruit pots, porridge and drinks.

Healthy Lunch
All our produce used in the kitchen is sourced from our butchers and fruit and vegetables supplier. We aim to produce a hearty fresh meal with potatoes, vegetables and salad on a daily basis. Students sit together, with staff at times, in the main canteen so that lunch time is a chance for everyone to speak to each other about the day and enjoy their meals in a traditional way. At Monkwearmouth Academy, a healthy lunch is not just to do with the food we serve. Students are not able to leave the canteen with their food, they must sit at a table and consume their food with their peers. The advantages to this are listed below. Family style, traditional lunch times lead to:

• Better relationships with peers and staff.
• Improved grades as students can share academic ideas over their lunch break.
• Greater happiness as by socialising with each other leads to better communication skills, makes us emotionally stronger and ultimately have better mental health.

There are several food choices available, including jacket potatoes and a pasta bar. Healthy chicken wraps are served every week with a free salad available.

We have a grab and go bar where freshly made sandwiches, wraps and sub rolls are available. Boxed salads and pasta salads are also available. We sell fresh fruit and fruit pots on a daily basis. Fresh yoghurts are available with no added sugar or flavouring. Cakes, cookies, biscuits and tray bakes are also all prepared on site by our baking team.

We sell plain and flavoured water, pure fruit juice at break and lunch. This is a recommendation by school food standards. Fresh drinking water is also available from the water filter machines where students can fill their own bottles up at any stage before school, during break times and after school.

Parents are encouraged to use ParentPay, the secure online system, for making payments to the academy and using this payment methods will help students to get the very most from their lunch break. This also has the added benefit of you being able to see the purchases they have selected in the restaurant, supporting your own approach to healthy eating in the home! You can also top-up the account should your child be in receipt of Free School Meals, and you can also still see what they have selected.

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