Summer Camp

Our Academy continues to offer face to face summer camps to support our students in their development. In the summer of 2021 we successfully delivered two weeks of summer school, aiding academic recovery and offering fantastic wellbeing support. The summer camps involved a mix of academic and enrichment activities. Students enjoyed a vast array of experiences on offer, some provided on site and others as part of trips to local providers. Additional subject support was provided with science workshops, small group music tuition, journal writing as well as a historical visit to Beamish, helping students improve their knowledge base whilst having fun. All participants were taken to an outdoor activities centre to develop their confidence and help build teamwork skills. This supports the academy’s drive to develop a strong character curriculum. Character was further developed by students being active citizens in a clean up event alongside local community police officers and members of the local community. In addition, students were encouraged to challenge themselves to try something new, aiding their personal growth. For example, sports based activities were delivered with students able to try their hand at water sports at Roker, have a go at rock climbing or archery, or even boost their mental wellbeing with yoga. Students’ passions and talents were always encouraged and strong relationships with the Academy staff formed. Many attendees were incoming students from our Year 6 primary schools and feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The culmination of our summer camps was a large celebration event for all the students who took part, recognising, along with their parents and carers, all they had achieved.

The amount of summer school funding received was £50,671.40.

Item Cost £ Description
Dance 420 Service Charge
Rugby Coach (AAA Sports) 504 Service Charge
Trampolining (AAA Sports) 864 Service Charge
Gymnastics Coach AAA Sports) 504 Service Charge
Music Coach (choir +club) NE Music Foundation 1002.67 Service Charge
Circuits (Demi – Fit as Fox Training) 690 Service Charge
Air Track x 3 (Gymaid) 1232.51 Learning Equipment
Yoga Coach (Lunar Vibe Yoga) 180 Service Charge
Water Sports (Adventure S/land) 575 Educational Visits
Climbing Wall/Caving/Archery (S/land Climbing Wall) 2000 Service Charge
Beamish 1236 Educational Visits
Beamish (sweets) 36.67 School Meals
Snacks (Macro) 483.24 School Meals
Snacks 1028.71 School Meals
Youth Club 1440 Service Charge
Art and Craft Materials 500 Stationary
Hot Plate Hotdogs 37.58 School Meals
Planning and Admin 1050 Service Charge
Litter Pickers 118.65 Service Charge
School Action Workshop 900 Service Charge
Science Workshop 810 Service Charge
Moorhouse Adventure 2940 Educational Visits
Circusrama 650 Service Charge
Music/Entertainment 700 Service Charge
Swing ball 246.44 Student Fees/Expendure
Dodgeballs 88.95 Student Fees/Expendure
Visual Impaired Football 34.99 Student Fees/Expendure
Inflatables 384.8 Service Charge
Sack races, blindfolds 93.87 Student Fees/Expendure
Titan Spray Line Marker 845.4 Gen Maint
Games – Board Games 375 Student Fees/Expendure
Games – Scrabble 63.96 Student Fees/Expendure
Staff costs 4710 Teachers Salary
Staff costs 649.98 Teachers Salary
Staff costs 1115.328 Teachers Salary
Staff costs 8100 Support Staff
Staff costs 1117.8 Support Staff
Staff costs 1514.7 Support Staff
Staff costs 3810 Support Staff
Staff costs 525.78 Support Staff
Staff costs 712.47 Support Staff
Surface laptops x3 (Microsoft) 2697 ICT Equipment
Rewards & Celebrations (EFX) 2008 Student Fees/Expendure
Badger Minibus Hire 1500 Minibus Hire
City Taxi 173.9 Minibus Hire
Total 50671.4
Staffing 22256.06
Non-staff 28415.34

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