When parents choose Redby Academy, they do so because we provide a happy, stimulating and exciting learning environment where all children can learn how to develop both academically and socially. Redby has a strong nurturing ethos, and we fully support our children to gain self-confidence and independence to give them the best head start in life.

Together, all the teachers and staff have created an amazing place of education for our children. We provide a caring environment built upon core values respect and honesty, ensuring children look forward to coming to school as an exciting and vibrant place in which they can have fun, learn and get a head start for their future.

Redby is a mainstream primary school offering children aged 3 to 11 a solid and rewarding education. We achieved Academy Status on the 1st September 2011. To help drive our ambition to achieve success across the school, we are closely supported by a board of Directors, an Advisory Governing Body and the Senior Leadership Team of Redby Academy. All Directors and members of the Advisory Governing Body are respected members of the local community, with many being leading professionals sharing a combination of qualities and experience. Redby Academy will successfully continue to move forward, where our children – your children, will thrive and accomplish outstanding progress and achievement.

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