Visions & Values

Our Vision:

Monkwearmouth Academy’s vision is to create a mutually respectful learning community by demanding high standards and expectations of all of our students and staff, developing a culture of excellence with students who display lively, enquiring minds, a love of lifelong learning and the ability to question and argue rationally with tolerance and respect of the views of others.

Our Values:

Our students are inspired to Believe in their own abilities, Achieve the highest standards and Succeed in life by:

• Instilling students with self-belief and confidence; providing challenging experiences, appropriate for their age, ability, interests and needs; developing lively and enquiring minds enabling them to question, discuss and make informed decisions.

• Enabling all students to achieve their academic potential and gain qualifications appropriate to their skills, talents, academic ability and the changing needs of society as well as preparing them for the next stage in their learning.

• Encouraging students to become tolerant, responsible, active and successful members of their community, respecting diversity and developing personal, spiritual and moral values.

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