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Our pastoral system is designed to ensure your child’s time at Monkwearmouth is both happy and productive. Upon entry each student is allocated to a tutor group in which we anticipate they will remain throughout their time at Monkwearmouth. The tutor is an important daily presence in your child’s school life, someone who becomes known to them very quickly and who together with teaching staff will focus on ensuring your child feels safe and secure. This enables them to learn effectively and fulfil their personal and academic potential.
Each year group has a named teaching and non-teaching Head of Year who will deal with a range of issues including behaviour, attendance, achievement, health issues etc. Parents should contact the designated staff for their child’s year group via the general school number or via the designated email address provided on the contact page. A member of the Leadership team is also attached to each year group. We are committed to inclusion and affording equality of opportunity to all. To ensure all students are able to fully meet their potential we employ a skilled team to provide appropriate support for students who require support with their learning and development.
Year 11 – Head of Year Miss Jones, Associate Head of Key Stage Mrs Gillan
Year 10 – Head of Year Mr Keenan, Associate Head of Key Stage Mrs Gillan
Year 9 – Head of Year Mr Nesbitt, Associate Head of Year Mrs Oxberry
Year 8 – Head of Year Mr Burn, Associate Head of Year Mrs Moan
Year 7 – Head of Year Mr Adams, Associate Head of Year Miss O’Neill

Senior Learning Support Assistants – Miss Williams & Miss Wilson-Day
Learning Support Assistants – Mrs Philliskirk, Mrs Redman, Mrs Armstrong
Attendance Officer – Mrs Moan

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