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“…Our governing body works with the Headteacher and staff to shape the future direction of our academy to provide the best opportunities and potential for all of our children….”

Governors are appointed to provide
• Accountability for standards of teaching and learning within our academy
• Strong links between our academy and the community we serve
• A wide experience of the outside world
• An independent view
• Accountability to the community for the use of resources
• Provide support for the Headteacher and staff

Governors are expected to
• Attend meetings of the governing body
• Work as a member of the governing body (not as an individual) in the best interests of the academy
• Show an interest in academy activities
• Become well-informed about education in general and about our academy in particular
• Become familiar with the rules of academy governance
• Keep up to date with changes in education legislation
• Attend training courses, where appropriate

Governors will be involved in
• Staff appointments
• The financial management of the academy
• Student discipline
• The curriculum
• Community links

Governors gain
• The satisfaction of giving something back to the community
• The knowledge that you are helping our students
• A sense of purpose and achievement
• New skills which may be useful elsewhere

Governor requirements include
• A range of expertise, skills and experience time (approximately six hours a month)
• A willingness to learn
• A listening ear and enquiring mind
• The ability to assimilate information, make judgements and take decisions
• The ability to work as part of a team

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