Key Stage 3 – Years 7/8

Students in Key Stage 3 have the opportunity to experience a wide and varied, highly engaging curriculum. All students study the core subjects of English, maths and science for three hours a week per subject, as well as having the opportunity to study both French and German in Year 7 and the opportunity to continue with one language in Year 8 and into Key Stage 4. For a small cohort of students additional literacy and numeracy may replace languages. They also study geography, history and RE in an engaging style under the umbrella of World Studies. This provides most students with the right foundation to follow an appropriate options route, preparing students for an EBacc course if they aspire to go into, further and/or higher education.

Students also have constant avenues to explore their more creative side in a range of engaging practical and vocational subjects, underpinned by the teaching of the theoretical concepts that allows them to succeed in these areas at GCSE level. For students with a passion for performing arts, the Key Stage 3 curriculum incorporates weekly lessons in music and drama. The skills developed can then be exhibited in a range of extra-curricular performances and assemblies providing students with a stage and an audience to show off their talents.

The Academy has also recently developed a more integrated, practical skills based approach to the creative use of ICT where theme based learning underpins the skills, knowledge and understanding developed in student’s lessons in ICT and art. This approach is also incorporated into the design and technology curriculum in Key Stage 3. All students study the full range of design and technology subjects on a half-termly carousel, allowing them to experience aspects of product design, graphic design, textiles and food technology so they can make informed and educated choices during the Year 8 options process. In addition to all of this there is also a comprehensive physical education programme that introduces a range of new sports and skills whilst also allowing students to develop and home their skills and understanding of the more traditional sports including football, rugby, netball and swimming – all of which feature highly successful teams and the chance to compete in regional and national competitions.

Furthermore, every student in Key Stage 3 takes part in guidance on a daily basis and has a one hour personal development lesson. Guidance and personal development builds upon our personal development programme, where students develop their understanding of the social, moral, spiritual and cultural world that they are a part of. In addition during this time students receive personal, socials and health education including relationships and sex education.

Key Stage 4 – Years 9/10/11

Our aim at Key Stage 4 is to offer a personalised education for all of our students. A key element of the personalisation is to ensure that students have a wide a choice of subjects as possible to study at Key Stage 4. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum which includes core subjects, those which must be studied as part of the National Curriculum, as well as an additional three choices which allows students to concentrate on areas of particular interest to them. This enables students to choose the most appropriate route in years 9, 10 and 11 through a combination of GCSEs and equivalent vocational qualifications including, the appropriate the English Baccalaureate.

The academic curriculum is supported by the delivery of a comprehensive guidance and personal development programme which focusses on preparing our students for the challenges they face in today’s society. This programme is delivered on a daily basis and develops and understanding of the social, moral, spiritual and cultural world that they are part of. In additional during this time students receive personal, health and social education including relationships and sex education.

In a rapidly changing world of work, progression and planning for post 16 pathways has also become a fundamental part of the KS4 guidance and personal development programme. Monkwearmouth Academy works closely with external bodies such as South Tyneside College and industry to ensure that our students are given current, accurate and relevant advice to empower them to make informed decisions about their future. Furthermore, we expect all of our students to participate in a one week work placement during the final week of the Year 10 academic year.

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