Will’s Going To Eton!

Six months ago William Gooch saw an advert in a newspaper offering the opportunity to apply for a scholarship at Eton College. He decided, after much discussion and deliberation, that it was an opportunity of a lifetime and that he should apply. This started a long process of journeys to Windsor with interviews and tests and a brief stay at the College culminating in a letter offering him a scholarship for 5 years starting this September. Will is both delighted and nervous at the prospect of leaving his family and friends at Monkwearmouth and becoming a boarding student at Eton. He knows that it will be a real challenge but he has the ability and the determination to succeed. Good luck Will!
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  • Will Gooch

    Thank you everyone for being so supportive!

  • Jamie Wiffin

    Well done William!

  • Adam Watson

    Good job! Hope you become President or Prime Minister or a really high rank Will, lots of luck!

  • Jay Bruce

    Well done Will, always remember Grange Park and all the memories, you’re the brainiest kid I know!

  • Jack Hoey

    Well done Will mate.

  • Luke Waistell

    Well done!

  • Ashley Loughlin

    Congratulations William… it’s good to see bright kids preforming to the full of their ability. Future Prime Minster there!

  • Sean Battle

    What a fantastic job Will, I hope you do really well in your new school. I’ll miss you lots. Hope you make it big in the future.

  • Alex Davey

    Well done, remember when you used to come to my house and tutor me.

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