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Annual Report to Parents on the Implementation of the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy and Disability Equality Scheme)
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Key Staff:

SENCO – Miss R Simpson
Special Educational Needs (SEN) Governor – L. Fenwick


All policies include explicit references to disability equality and SEN.
The SEN policy was updated in June 2015, and was reviewed by staff and Governors.

Number of pupils with SEN:

Progress of pupils with SEN:

Following half termly Pupil Progress Reviews of children’s progress by the Head Teacher,
Deputy Head Teacher, Middle Leaders, Class Teachers and Teaching Assistants, children’s needs are
dentified and suitable provision is implemented.

Identified support i.e. TA is directed in class during morning periods. Interventions responding to
needs of pupils identified during morning Literacy and Maths sessions take place during afternoons.
Suitable resources support and reinforce learning. Currently, Redby has an experienced SEN
Teacher employed 1.5 days per week to deliver more specialised intervention. She also attends
meetings between staff, parents and professionals.

Early intervention and involvement of the Educational Psychologist and other Outside
Agencies, such as the Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist is
sought wherever appropriate.

RAISE online data for 2013 / 2014 demonstrates that the progress of pupils with SEN is
almost in line with national trends. Those children who are not working at National
Curriculum levels are assessed using PIVATS.

There were 4 fixed term exclusions totalling 9.5 days in the Academic Year 2013 – 2014. This was one pupil.
Support was put in place to assist with challenging behaviour. KS2 Behaviour Team and the
Linked School supported: pupil, home and school. There have been 12 fixed term exclusions, between two pupils, totalling 32 day in the Academic Year 2014/15. This is two pupils. Both Pupils have received support from: KS2 Behaviour Team, the Linked school and the Achievement Centre.

Attendance and punctuality is monitored weekly by the Office Manager and on a half termly basis
with the Head Teacher, this is reported to Governors. Our Attendance Policy was updated in June 2015. Attendance this academic year currently stands at 96.7%.

Budget allocation:

Our current SEN funding for 2014/15 is £105,046 including:
I01: £101,871 (part of the formula budget, for the most part based on the number of
children with low attainment prior to joining the school)
I03: £3175 (additional funding based on the number of children with statements/EHCP
who receive 25 hours of support per week)
We currently have 2 pupils with EHCPs.

Deployment of staff and resources:

Funding is received from the EFA to provide additional resources for
children with EHCPs. We currently have two children with EHCPs at band 4 funding level.
School supplements this to provide further support, one to one teaching and nurture provision.
These children receive support from dedicated Teachers, Teaching Assistants and relevant
Professionals .
The SEN budget for 13/14 purchased the following:
• Educational Psychologist time
• Additional Human Resources
• Technology e.g. IPads

External Agencies:

Close and effective links are made with a wide variety of agencies to support parents/carers
and the school in addressing children’s need. Agency involvement includes:
SEN LA Support
Educational Psychologist (EP)
Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service CAMHS
CYPS – Child and young peoples’ service
Speech and Language Therapist (SALT)
Paediatric Occupational & Physio Therapist
Specialist Teachers for: Cognition & Learning, Communication & Interaction, Hearing
Partnership with Parents
Place to Be
ASD Team

Transition Arrangements between classes

A smooth transition is facilitated for pupils with SEN through exchange of information between
class teachers and SENCO taking on board strategies from outside agencies
Pupils transferring to Secondary Educations receive additional support and personalised visits
with adults during the summer terms.
Annual reviews for children with statements in Year 6 are attended by a representative from
the secondary school.

Staff Development:

• Staff have received ADHD / ASD training, April 2015
• SENCO / Inclusion staff attend LA updates and training, disseminating information to staff.
• SENCO delivered training to all staff following the implementation of the SEN Code of Practice 2014.
• RWI training for all staff September 2013
• Provision Mapping – for Teachers & TAs
• Whole staff Attachment Disorder training January 2014

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